Dog Coats & Clothing

Whether you are looking for winter, rainy or fashionable clothes for your dog or puppy, Chelsea Pet Shop is your one-stop-shop as we offer a wide selection of comfortable and stylish dog apparels and clothes for all seasons. Choose dog clothes in different sizes including extra small size to accommodate your puppy clothes needs and XL for bigger dogs. We stock shoes, sweaters, coats, hoodies, life jackets, t-shirts, tanks, raincoats, dresses, sports apparel, dog bow ties and accessories. These dog clothes are available in different fabrics, thicknesses, and colours. Whether you need to keep your pup’s mitts warm in the winter, you want to take them out for walk in rainy days or you have a photo op in mind, we offer you a stylish selection of dog apparel and puppy clothing to fit your pet’s needs. Take time to browse our latest selection online!

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