Dog Crates

Being a pet owner, dog crate is an essential item as it provides the best place for your furry friend to stay inside when you take it away from home. Likewise, the best dog crates offer your pooch just enough room to stand up and turn around. We are one of the leading pet speciality shops that offer high quality best wire & folding dog crates to help pet owners to easily move their pets to anywhere they want. We feature dog crates made with different materials like metal, fabric, wood, plastic, wicker, etc. We offer the finest quality wire dog crates, ideal for pets that have longer coats or live in a southern climate as they provide plenty of air flow. We also stock crate covers that can be easily attached to your dog crate if your dog needs little more privacy or warmth. Our wire dog crates are available in a selection of differing sizes to choose from. Chelsea Pet Shop also carries folding dog crates, which let you to more easily move it to what every room you or your pet prefer. These dog crates are portable, practical as well as provide your pet a perfect cozy place to sleep. Browse

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