Wet Dog Food

Shop the best varieties of wet and canned dog food for your little fellow. Chelsea Pet Shop offers only the best wet dog foods in a wide selection of flavours. So, if dry kibble just isn’t as appetizing or as easy to chew as it used to be, wet dog food is a good alternative for your dog. Canned dog food has less preservatives and more ingredients, needed by your pets in their diet. It has high water content, which means it can be a great option for dogs who aren’t lapping up enough water. Wet dog food often also contains more protein and fat than dry kibble. We are offering you a variety of wet dog foods including cans, trays, cups and tubs for every life stage and formula preference, so you can easily find the best wet dog food for your furry friend. Take time to explore our latest selection to find the best brands for puppies, adults and seniors at this shop.

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