Dog Treats

Treats for dogs can provide your pooch with extra vitamins and nutrients that regular dog food may not provide and many are good for dental health too plus stop your dog finding other things to chew. Whether your canine buddy loves bully sticks, biscuits or soft treats, Chelsea Pet Shop is your one-stop-shop as we offer an unique selection of the best dog treats, soft snacks and long-lasting dog chews to help you reward your little fellow. Our delicious and healthy dog treats can help satisfy your dog’s need to chew. Our dog bones and chews keep your pet busy, while small dog treats make good dog rewards during training. From fetching his favourite ball to successfully sitting on command, your dog deserves delicious and healthy dog treats. In addition to your verbal praise and affection, your dog loves to be praised. Giving him healthy biscuits, mouth-watering rawhide bones of crunch training treats are the best way to reward them. Our shop offers peanut butter dog treats in different varieties that provide additional nutritional support to your dog’s diet. We also house various treats enriched with glucosamine to promote better hip and joint health, wheat-grass for better digestion, and more. We provide hypoallergenic organic dog treats for dog with allergies and even low-calorie treats for less active dogs.

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